Memorial Day Info

MAY 27-30, 2022
WHEELING FIELDS: I-470, 35TH Street, Warwood Lock 12
9U, 10U, 11U, 12U: $450
13U, 14U: $500
3 Game Guarantee
Fee Includes Game Balls, Umpires, Parking

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Miracle League of the Ohio Valley

For Questions contact: Adam Angel:


Tournament Rules
The Wheeling Memorial Day Challenge will follow NFHS Rules for all Tournaments unless otherwise specified below.
Revised 5-9-19

The date used to determine a player’s age will be May 1, 2021. Each team is responsible to keep a copy of the official state-issued birth certificate for each player on the Coach at all times. If any player does not have his birth certificate, he/she cannot participate in the Tournament. If a team is caught using a player that is older than the cutoff, that team will forfeit every game that player has played in and the Team will be removed from the Tournament.

Official Tournament Roster & Insurance
All teams must submit an official tournament roster and Team Insurance Policy prior to the first game of the tournament. The roster will be made public for every team {Player’s First & Last Name, Jersey#). Any player not found on the roster will be ineligible to play in that tournament.

Time Limit
All tournament games in pool play and playoffs will have a 1 hour and 45-minute time limit. Championship games will not.

No new inning can start after the time limit. If a new inning has started prior to the time limit, then that inning will finish. If the home team is winning after the top half of inning and the time limit occurs, the game is over (even if it is the middle of an inning). If both teams are tied at the end of regulation, and the Time Limit has not expired, proceed to extra innings.

If games are tied after the Time Limit expires in Playoff Games we will use the Texas Shoot-Out Tie Breaker. Each Team will start the inning with their last batted out on 2nd base and the batters will have an 3-2 count. Each Inning will proceed this way until the tie is broken.


Responsibility lies with the Coaching Staff!

Once a player is removed from the mound, he/she cannot return to the mound in the same game. The second trip to the mound in the same inning results in the removal of the pitcher.

9U-12U: 18 Out Tournament Limit. If a team reaches the Semi-Finals, 3 outs will be added per game. 18 Out Per Day Maximum

13U: 21 Out Tournament Limit. If a team reaches the Semi-Finals, 3 outs will be added per game. 18 Out Per Day Maximum

Recommended Pitch Count Limits and Recommended Rest:
Age 9-10
Daily Max 75 0 Days 1-20 1 Day 21-35 2 Days 36-50 3 Days 51-65 4 Days 66+

Age 11-12
Daily Max 85 0 Days 1-20 1 Day 21-35 2 Days 36-50 3 Days 51-65 4 Days 66+

Age 13
Daily Max 95 0 Days 1-20 1 Day 21-35 2 Days 36-50 3 Days 51-65 4 Days 66+

Age 14
Daily Max 95 0 Days 1-20 1 Day 21-35 2 Days 36-50 3 Days 51-65 4 Days 66+

9-lOU : There will be one warning per pitcher prior to enforcing the rule. Fake to 3rd, throw to 1st, is a balk!!!
11-13U: No warnings

Defensive: Free substitution if you bat your entire line-up

Offensive: You may bat nine players, your entire lineup, or anywhere in between. After the start of the game you cannot change the number of batters you have, it must remain the same for the whole game. If you bat your entire lineup and a player should get thrown out, or injured, and no substitute (a player not in the batting order) remains then you must take an out in that spot. This is the risk you take with Roster Batting!

If you are NOT Roster Batting, regular substitution rules apply (see NFHS Rules). Games can start with 6 Players. Players can be added to the batting order in the order they arrive. Batting Spots 7-9 will be outs until enough players arrive.

Home Team
The Home Team will be determined by a coin flip. Whoever wins the Coin Flip, has the choice to be Home or Away.

The Official Scorebook is to be kept by the home team. Both teams are to confer after each inning to confirm the score.
A completed Scorecard (kept by the umpire) must be filled out and signed by THE SCOREBOOK KEEPER from each team AFTER each game. Please make sure to double-check the game score! This is done so that we can make sure we stay on top of the scores and post the results accurately ASAP. A signed Scorecard by the Scorebook Keeper/Coach is deemed a verified score!
In the event of a rain delay, please write down the Entire Situation, including INNING, SCORE, BATTER, COUNT, RUNNER’S, TIME OF DELAY

Slide Rule
In the event of a close play,
the runner must avoid contact. If the Umpire determines that the Player slid to intentionally make contact, then he is out and so is the player as to where the defensive player was trying to make the play. All close plays and slides are at the umpire’s discretion.
Metal spikes are NOT allowed in 9U-12U. Molded Cleats, Turf Shoes, Running Shoes are acceptable for any playing surface.

NO TOBACCO policy for any: Player, Coach, Parent, Official, or Tournament Manager!

Bat Restrictions
All bats -5 or greater must be stamped BPF 1.15 USSSA or USA Baseball. There are no bat size restrictions on weight or length if the bat has “BPF 1.15” stamp.

Catcher’s Mask
All Catcher’s must be NOCSAE certified (safety approval) at all ages. Otherwise, they will not be permitted to play.

Please help keep the tournament fields and common areas clean. Please be sure to pick up all your team’s trash after the game. ONLY 3 COACHES AND A SCOREKEEPER, OR 4 TOTAL COACHES, ARE ALLOWED IN THE DUGOUT AT ANY TIME. HEAD COACH IS ONLY ONE ALLOWED TO DISCUSS ISSUES WITH THE UMPIRE.

NO WARNINGS will be given to Coaches, Players, or Fans for unsportsmanlike or unruly behavior.
Upon ejection, the Coach, Player, or Fan must completely leave the premises. Failure to comply will result in a team forfeit.
Any Player ejected from more than one game will not be permitted on the premises for the rest of the tournament.
Should a Coach, OR FAN, be ejected from 1 game, they will not be permitted to participate in the rest of the Tournament as a Coach, or a Fan, and will not be permitted on the Tournament Game Site for the duration of the Tournament. If the Coach or Fan does not completely leave the premises (this includes the parking lot) the team will forfeit that game.

Format Alterations
We reserve the right to alter, change, or abbreviate Tournament Formats and Rules, when necessary. This includes, but not limited to, shortening time limits to maintain the game schedule and to ensure all games are played.

Intentional Walk
The coach must notify the home plate umpire and the hitter will be granted 1st base.

Baseballs will be supplied by the Tournament for each game. Teams are responsible for retrieving foul balls. Only approved Baseballs will be allowed for tournament play.

Courtesy Runners
Courtesy Runners for Pitcher and Catcher AT ANY TIME. If not roster batting: Must be a Player off the Bench/Player not in the Batting Order. You cannot use the same player to run for both the Pitcher and Catcher in the same inning! If you are batting your entire lineup, then you may use the LAST BATTED OUT. Please remember the purpose is to SPEED UP THE GAME! If the Courtesy Runner is not ready with his helmet and at the entrance to the field at the time the Batter reaches the base, the Umpire reserves the right to refuse the Courtesy Runner option if it slows the speed of the game. Please have a Coach or Player ready to warm up the Pitcher.

Games may start early! Please be prepared to play 30 minutes prior to scheduled start time!
There will be no infield practice prior to tournament games.
All hitting practice should be done inside the batting cages

Division Rules
9U and older will play leads and steals.

Mercy Rule
20 after 1
15 after 2
12 after 3
10 after 4
8 after 5

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