9-10 Mustang Rules

The fall league will play Mountaineer Baseball Mustang rules with the following exceptions.

Each game will have a 1:45 minute time limit.  No inning shall start after 1:35 minutes.

  1. The 10 run mercy rule will be enforced after 5 innings.
  2. Each team is required to bat their entire line-up.
  3. Pitchers will be allowed a maximum of two innings per game.
  4. Free substitution on defense.
  5. There will be no playing requirements established by the league.
  6. Pitchers must be replaced on the third trip to the mound in the same inning.
  7. Warm up’s are limited to 5 pitches per inning.  No infield balls after the first inning.
  8. Courtesy runner for the catcher with two outs is MANDATORY.  Courtesy runner will be the last out made in the batting order.

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